Let’s Start a Movement: Create Your Calm

My vision is for my book to be a catalyst that inspires people to recalibrate – to align within.  It is time for you

and I – and the whole world – to embrace and celebrate that we are human beings…not human doings!

Share your Calm in whatever medium inspires you.

Perhaps your calm is best expressed in the form of a piece of art, a culinary delight, a song, a sculpture. An athletic endeavor, a story.

Consider sharing what you notice when you:

        • Quiet the external noise and expectations and align with your inner voice.
        • Tune into your five senses.
        • Alter your language to support what you are up to.
        • Stretch into your learning and growth zones.
        • Request and receive support.
        • Ask and answer, “Who am I?” and “Who do I want to be?
        • Embrace that you are a human being not a human doing.

Share your Calm

Through sharing, we get to learn from one another and create a new way that supports us.

Stories will be reviewed and then posted in the Gallery to create unity and momentum for the Create Your Calm movement.

Step 1

Fill in the form.

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Upload photo, audio, other.

Step 3

Sign the Form.

Create Your Calm Online Submission Form

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Stories of Calm

Through sharing, we get to learn from one another and create a new way that supports us.